Artist, illustrator, Philippe B. draws full time and at the same time writes poems and songs since 2001.

As much inspired by Prévert, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, as Svinkels, IAM and Eminem,
day after day he builds a quirky universe made of words, images and sounds in which he escapes to recharge his batteries.

His first songs are tinkered with at her desk in his nursery.

Writing and singing are an outlet, the engine of his energy that he imparts to his musical style and to his life.

He translates into poetic imagination the highlights of his daily life filled with moments of exaltation,
of weariness and reverie, boosted by a will to fight.

Words dance and rumble in his songs full of irony, rebellion and hope intertwined.

His talents as an illustrator artist are as much dedicated to his songs as they are put at the service of others to earn a living.